Polyamory Counselling

More to Love or More to Fear in Polyamory Counselling?

Have you ever wondered if there is an option outside of monogamous relationships?

If there’s a possibility to explore your sexuality while remaining loyal to your partner?

Or perhaps you’re in a polyamorous relationship, but you’re not sure how to navigate boundaries that feel right for you and your partner.

Polyamory and polyamory therapy can offer profound personal growth and fulfilment, but it's not without its challenges. Open relationships can sometimes lead to chaos, unexpressed motivations, and secret-keeping, eroding the peace formerly experienced within relationships.

Open relationships involve consensually exploring connections with multiple partners and sometimes that can be scary, especially if it doesn’t follow the norm of society. However, “Sex at Dawn" by anthropologists Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá, examines the sexual practices of contemporary hunter-gatherer societies where they exhibit a communal approach to child-rearing and shared responsibilities, challenging the traditional nuclear family model. This communal structure suggests a flexible, non-monogamous approach to relationships and family life, supporting the argument in "Sex at Dawn" that polyamory is a natural and longstanding aspect of human behaviour rooted in our evolutionary past.

Polyamory therapy offers a valuable starting point to understand our evolutionary inclination towards such non-monogamous relationships.

What is Polyamory Counselling?

Polyamory therapy teaches us the emotional regulation skills needed to confidently open the relationship to others. It also teaches non-attachment, a concept from Buddhist psychology which is needed when we are non-monogamous. Through deep work with cultivating love, gratitude, and self-reliance, we can learn compersion–the act of feeling happy for your partner experiencing pleasure. Through polyamory counselling, you deeply explore your values so that you can write any of your own rules in a completely customised relationship framework as a couple, throuple or beyond.

Polyamory counselling can help empower individuals to craft relationships that align with their unique desires and values.

This is where a skilled polyamory therapist at An Elegant Mind can help you navigate these challenges no matter where you are in your polyamory journey. While polyamory can sometimes seem like an unrealistic relationship framework endangering the nobility of a sacred union with threesomes and orgies, ooh la la! Polyamory therapy can provide couples with the opportunity to explore consensual, multiple relationships, fostering personal growth, diverse emotional connections, and an expanded understanding of love and intimacy.

At AEM, our therapists are devoted to integrity and are able to help guide you from a place of lived experience, therefore are able to offer you genuine and authentic polyamory counselling.

What do Polyamory Therapists help with?

Navigating the space of honouring one’s individualism within a relational context is not easy. It’s always wise to get expert, neutral, unbiased professional help when it comes to matters of the heart. A polyamory therapist, or polyamory counsellor, can help individuals and couples navigate the complexities of consensual non-monogamy through:

Our Polyamory-friendly therapists create a supportive environment where all relationship dynamics are acknowledged and respected.

What Can I Expect If I Embrace Polyamory?

People often fear things that are unknown and new, therefore it’s perfectly normal to have a few objections when it comes to polyamory therapy.

Having a polyamory friendly therapist can help you, develop trust, maintain secure attachments, or safely exit a relationship that is no longer serving anyone, even if marriage and kids are in the picture. Our therapists can provide guidance tailored to the specific needs of consensually non-monogamous couples, and help individuals and partners navigate the complexities of polyamorous relationships.

Become Polywise

Our skilled polyamory therapy will teach you about being true to your values, while being devoted to another person’s nervous system.

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