Somatic Intimacy Coaching

Have you ever considered getting more hands-on sex-ed with Sexual Embodiment Coaching?

Have you ever asked yourself what it even means to fully embody your sexuality?

Perhaps you’re finding that simply talking about your struggles with desire and arousal is not working for you.

You recognize that there might be some blockages to becoming a sexually embodied person and you’re not sure if it's a subconscious condition, trauma, shyness or lack of practice.

Sexual Embodiment Coaching, more commonly known as Somatic Intimacy Coaching uses an experiential method to bridge the connection between our bodies and minds, between what we want to do and then actually doing it.

Think about it, you can’t become a dancer by just talking about dancing.

You cannot develop sexual intimacy skills by just talking about what you’re going to do.

Have a somatic intimacy coach use healing touch, and embodied experience for you to explore and discover your own sexuality, arousal response and trauma processing in a safe and affirming learning environment.

Having a neutral professional to help you practise sexual skills means that you can make all the mistakes that you want, without fear of turning off the other, or losing your relationship.

You Need a Sex Coach: Intimacy is Easier Said Than Done.

Struggling with knowing how to get started with intimacy and sexual connection is more common than one thinks!

And even more so, it’s common to understand on a cognitive and intellectual level what to do, but to be able to carry it out is another story.

Learning intimacy skills through experiential methods such as somatic sex coaching is crucial as it allows for a more embodied understanding that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.

Embodied intimacy coaching offers hands-on support for those anxious about sex and relationships, understanding kinky desires, support for exploring sexual confusion, navigating dating complexities, confronting performance pressure, and strengthened bonds for couples navigating desire mismatches or consensual non-monogamy and more!

If you’re grappling with intimacy, sexual anxiety, or have zero experience with sex, our psychologically skilled and empathic coaches are well informed and understand many sex therapy complications such as premature ejaculation, orgasmic difficulties, and shame surrounding arousal.

If there is trauma, an embodied sexuality coach can gently guide clients through processing any stored trauma in the body, and experience what it’s like to be with a person who carries regulation in their nervous system.

Erotic coaching is essential for holistic sexual advancement of the human experience because we often have a way of which we carry ourselves that is based on old habits, and limiting beliefs. The psychology behind sexual embodiment is about developing the neural pathway for being in sensuality, and being comfortable with sexuality, so you can move through life with Eros energy in your essence, confidence in your posture, and a glow on your face.

Somatic Intimacy Coaching: A Hand To Hold

Sexual Embodiment Coaching aims to create a super-highway between know-how and doing better using the following concepts:

In essence, our somatic intimacy coach at AEM becomes a dedicated companion on the journey to one’s authentic sexual self. Their role involves unravelling mind-body-heart-sex complexities, guidaded experiences practices towards intimate relating and fostering well-being that involves sexuality.

How Will I Know If Sexual Embodiment Coaching is for me?

Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coaching might seem intimidating if we don’t know what we’re getting into. Let’s address some common curiosities:

80% of our clients experience a massive shift in the way they understand the energy of Eros, their erotic template, while broadening the skills towards expressing intimacy!

What’s Unique about the AEM Method of combining Sex Therapy and Sexual Embodiment Coaching.

We like to think that mixing sex therapy with sexual embodiment coaching is akin to blending the psychotherapeutic wisdom of Esther Perel with the hands-on techniques of Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach Miss Jaiya, creating a holistic and transformative approach to intimacy and sexual well-being. This synergy offers the best of both worlds - deep psychological and relational intelligence and body-centred, experiential learning.

When these two approaches are woven together, they provide a comprehensive path to sexual healing and empowerment, and is completely unique to An Elegant Mind clinics. Clients gain insightful understanding into their emotional and psychological makeup while also learning practical, experiential techniques to enhance their physical sexual experiences. This dual approach fosters a deeper, more nuanced exploration of intimacy, leading to improved sexual satisfaction, stronger relationships, and a greater sense of self-awareness in one's sexual life that you wouldn’t get by just talking about the issue.

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