Depression Counselling

It’s Time to Address The Shadow of Depression

Are you stuck in a relentless pit of depression?

Daily life is dull. You’re constantly irritated with yourself and others.

The simplest tasks, like getting out of bed and enjoying once-pleasurable activities, feel impossible to even fathom mustering the energy for.

Depression can feel like an endless battle, with no visible end in sight.

It’s been reported that 11% of Canadians suffer from depression symptoms, however, it is suspected that the true number is much higher than this. As many people aren’t even aware of what the symptoms of depression even are.
You’re here on this page because you’re ready to finally look at the root of the issue via Depression Counselling.

Depression: The Insidious Monster

Depression symptoms can be subtle, and insidious. It can feel like not wanting to get out of bed (but then you do anyways because you have a boss and want to keep your job).

It can feel like a weight on your shoulders, making everything feel hard.

It can be the critical voice in your head stopping you from embodying your Highest Self.

It can hide as a subtle hopelessness about the state of the word, or a cynicism about humanity.

Depression can be the subtle loneliness that you feel each night as you step into your 12th floor downtown apartment, as you wonder if this is all that there is to life.

It’s when it’s insidious that it can be swept under the rug or deep in the recesses of your subconscious.
But you can’t put these things away forever without consequences. A depression therapist will be able to spot the more nuanced signs of depression.

What Happens When We Ignore Depression?

At it’s worst, depression can look like overwhelming sadness and despair, and most people are able put that monstrosity away into a little container deep in their bodies.

The more these symptoms are suppressed, the greater the pressure, and the more likely that they will resurface as health symptoms like inflammation, autoimmune issues, and disease in the body.

Vancouver physician and psychotherapist, Dr. Gabor Mate discusses this in his book ‘When the Body Says No’, giving us all the more reasons to start understanding our depression today!
If you’re wondering if you can combat the weight of depression, regain the desire to fully live life, and to move in the world with a sense of purpose, you better believe that you absolutely can with the right therapist, and the right clinic offering depression counselling!

How does Depression Counselling work at An Elegant Mind?

At our centre, we believe that there is a way out of the darkness that depression casts over your life. Depression counselling puts a compass in your hand that can guide you on your journey to manage, recover, and heal symptoms like demotivation, numbing and fatigue. We understand that the path to overcoming depression can be challenging, but we are here beside you every step of the way. If you think that nothing will help you stop feeling this way. Think again.

Our approach begins with a comprehensive assessment. Your therapist will work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your current struggles, emotions, and the unique challenges you face. Together, we'll define clear and achievable goals for your therapy, ensuring that every step we take is tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.

One crucial aspect of our therapy is examining the emotional landscape of your family home. We recognize that the roots of depression can often be traced back to early experiences and family dynamics. By exploring these aspects, we can uncover valuable insights that empower you to address the underlying issues contributing to your depression.

Additionally, our therapists will help you identify the key individuals in your life who play a significant role in shaping your psychology. Understanding the dynamics of your relationships and how they impact your mental health is a crucial step towards building healthier future connections and improving your overall sense of self.

As we progress in therapy, we'll create a timeline of the major traumas and stressors in your life. These stressors can be both past and present, and they often hold the keys to the kingdom of understanding your deeply rooted triggers. With this knowledge, we can develop strategies to offer immediate relief of symptoms and to choose the best therapeutic orientation for your needs.

In addition to traditional psychotherapy for depression, we offer innovative approaches such as ketamine therapy for depression. This cutting-edge treatment has shown remarkable results in alleviating symptoms and providing relief for individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression. Our experts will explore all available options to ensure you receive the most effective and personalized care.

Furthermore, we believe in the power of group counselling for depression. Connecting with others who share similar experiences can provide mirrors and a unique way of being seen that is invaluable in the journey to healing. If you are interested in this, please talk to one of our therapists about being added to the waitlist.

When we get scared, sometimes we can’t find our way home. Not just out physical home at times–the home in our minds. The sanctuary of peace from all that is externally pressuring us and all that is internally messing with our playful, natural ease.

If you want to, we are here for you to talk. If you want to sit in silence, we can hold that space too.

Depression can feel like we are drowning and it’s not going to stop. Sometimes, it feels like the world doesn’t want depression at all. It’s more than a difficult time and it feels deeply isolating on top of that. We can all do more. Things have to change and the world can be harsh.

You are not alone. We want to walk you home.

What Are The Common Subconscious Blocks to Starting Depression Therapy

We understand that considering depression counselling can bring up various concerns and fears. It's entirely natural to have reservations about taking this step towards healing. Let's address three common objections or fears you might have:

What if people judge me for getting therapy?

You may be worried about the stigma surrounding mental health issues, fearing that seeking help for depression may lead to judgement from others. Rest assured, our depression therapists here to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to express your feelings and concerns. In addition, we are mental health advocates and we stand by showing up in the world that models to others that it’s progressive and healthy to see a therapist. Like any health routine: you can either go to the gym, or you can get a trainer that makes sure that you’re activating the right muscles when you work out. How can you know how you are doing mentally and emotionally if you don’t have a professional in this space conducting an assessment, asking the right probing questions, and mirroring things back to you?

How will I know this is going to be the right fit for me?

Many individuals are unsure if they are getting the right fit with the right therapist or the right therapeutic approach. You are right. There are many different types of therapists with many different types of approaches. This is why we have free 15-min consultations which you can drop in and see whether the depression therapists at An Elegant Mind are a “click” for you or not.

I was considering medication, does depression therapy really work?

You might wonder whether therapy can truly help with depression. Depression therapy has a proven track record of success in managing and alleviating depressive symptoms. In the research, talk therapy has been shown to be equally efficacious to antidepressant medication. Our experienced therapists utilizes evidence-based techniques to address the root causes of your depression and equip you with tools to cope effectively. We're committed to your progress and will continuously evaluate your therapy to ensure it's on the right track.

Why Seek Depression Therapy from Therapists at An Elegant Mind?

Navigating the healthcare system and finding the right depression treatment can be overwhelming.

There are many different depression medications on the market.

Often psychiatrists will simply layer on another antidepressant and another antipsychotic before suggesting talk therapy.

You might have questions about different psychotherapeutic techniques, non-drug treatment options, psychedelic options and the potential side effects of different treatments.

We are professionals with 13 years of clinical experience. We not only have studied that complete range of treatment options and understood their mechanism of action, we know what it’s like to struggle with symptoms and to triumph over them.

We are not just depression therapists, we are here to be a human being walking this path with you.

We want to hear your unique story.

We believe that it is through being really safe people who deeply hearing you, is how you process grief and release the stuck emotions of depression.

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