Our Mission

To help humans heal, transform, express themselves authentically, and be in healthy, loving relationship with each other.

Our Mission Frame
Be you

We offer a validating space for folks from all backgrounds and identities to process challenging emotions, speak their truths and challenge the status quo of their cultural up-bringing.

We want everyone to leave our offices feeling safe to be in their most authentic, generous, and open-hearted state. We believe that by inspiring others to live in harmony with themselves, they'll go on to create harmony in their own communities. And this is our contribution to the global issues our planet faces.

Our Mission Frame
Love within

We believe that at the greatest source of nervous system regulation is finding love and safety in our relationship with significant others and the wider community.

But to achieve that is to first know how to find love and safety in our own psyche and soma. Sex is simply one expression of deep intimacy, a tool for co-regulation, and a powerful way to access meditative bliss states.

Our Mission Frame
the paradigm

Our methodological approach is deeply intertwined with and respects the wisdom of psychedelic plant medicines.

As western society moves towards the legalization of sacred plant teachers, we aim to be in the forefront of shaping the way mental health conditions are being conceptualized through our involvement in research.

Our values

Holistic treatment of the whole individual: which means to consider the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and cognitive barriers to psychological wellness of the individual within their environment.
Being humanistic, person-centered and empathic at all levels of operation.
Helping others channel their gifts and privileges for the greater good of society.
Being aware of current political issues that affect individual and systemic narratives.
Being inclusive of all racial, gender, sexual and relational orientations.
Being good allies to all marginalized individuals in society.
Simplicity, efficiency, and ease of access to our services. Because life is complicated.
Creating a easeful, comforting client experience from general inquiry to the completion of psychotherapeutic treatment.
Integrity with our clients, between staff, with our partners and the general public.
De-stigmatizing mental health through our marketing, copy-write and the essence of how the business operates.

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