Our Method

At An Elegant Mind, our unique process involves healing at four pillars: individually, relationally, sexually, and spiritually. We believe in a holistic approach that addresses the complexities of the human psyche, provides clarity around the mystery of love and relationships and adopts cutting edge mental health and psychiatric medicine via the use of psychedelics medicines.

Healing Individually

Fostering Self-Love and Self-Awareness

The foundation of our method is to nurture a well-defined and resilient sense of self in individuals. This process encompasses various elements:

  1. 1Understanding Boundaries, Preferences, and Needs

    Recognizing and communicating one's boundaries, preferences, and needs is essential for maintaining healthy relationships with oneself and others. Our program includes role play and support to help individuals identify what their preferences, and needs are, and the courage to enforce necessary boundaries for self-care.

  2. 2Processing Repressed Emotions

    Leave emotional processing to the professionals, it’s an art and a science. It requires skillfully honed intuition and a deep understanding of psychological theories and techniques. Our experts are trained in various modalities like trauma-informed therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, breathwork and psychoanalysis to gently uncover and address repressed emotions.

  3. 3Nervous System Regulation

    Learn how to regulate your emotions with our psycho-educational strategies, designed to help you understand and manage your body's response to stress and emotional triggers. Our techniques include mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, and body-awareness exercises that help in calming the nervous system.

Healing Relationally

Develop Relationship Skills

Building upon individual skills, our method then focuses on relational dynamics.

  1. 1Communication Formulas

    Effective communication is pivotal in relationships. We provide practical tools and formulas derived from various psychological theories to enhance interpersonal communication, reduce conflicts, and improve understanding.

  2. 2Research validated methods to resolve perpetual issues

    We use various research based methods such as  Emotional Focused Therapy, Imago Dialogue, and the Gottman Method, which are research-based approaches for creating lasting relationships. This includes principles for managing conflict, fostering understanding and admiration, building trust and navigating betrayal. In addition, you’ll learn about attachment styles, and to recognize the dysfunctional patterns in your current relationships.

  3. 3Create the foundation for a Secure Functioning Relationship

    Our approach incorporates strategies for developing secure, supportive, and mutually satisfying relationships. This involves understanding and deciding on the shared mission, purpose, vision and culture within your relationship.

  4. 4Anthropological and Neuroscientific Insights

    We delve into anthropological data on how humans form and maintain love and the neuroscience behind connection. This provides a deeper understanding of the natural and biological underpinnings of relationships.

Healing Sexually

Embracing Sexual Wellness

Our sexual wellness program is comprehensive, addressing various aspects of sexuality: including cognitive, and somatic strategies.

  1. 1Sex Therapy Interventions

    We offer professional sex therapy to address issues like sexual dysfunctions, intimacy concerns, and sexual identity issues. This includes both talk therapy and practical homework exercises.

  2. 2Sexual Embodiment Coaching (Somatic Intimacy Coaching)

    This aspect involves learning about the body’s responses and the nuts and bolts of sexual intimacy skills through practices like guided touch, experiential learning and breathwork exercises to develop arousal in the body and create erotic energy.

  3. 3Tantra-Inspired and Research-Validated Strategies

    Our approach incorporates a blend of tantra-inspired techniques and scientifically validated methods to explore sexuality holistically, focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Healing Psychedelically

Find Your Own Definition of Spirituality

An innovative aspect of our method is the integration of psychedelic medicines.

We utilize substances like Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and MDMA, Psilocybin (via the Special Access Program) as part of our treatment plans. These medicines can accelerate healing from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and trauma and other rigid mental health presentations.

The use of psychedelics is carefully assessed and administered by trained providers. We ensure a safe and supportive environment for these experiences, integrating them with other therapeutic techniques for maximum benefit.

Psychedelic experiences, under professional guidance, can significantly enhance one's capacity for intimacy and provide profound insights into personal issues and life patterns.

Life Begins On The Other Side of Personal Change.

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