Couples Counselling

A Strong Couple Weathers the Storms of Relationships Together, but a Wise One Seeks Couples Therapy

Do you and your partner struggle to communicate in ways that make you both feel seen and heard?

Does it feel like you’re having less and less sex, and less and less moments of true connection?

You were once so in love, and you’re not sure when things started to change.

Maybe there’s a betrayal that’s been hard for you to move past.

They say that every relationship is a mirror. So what do you do when what’s being mirrored back to you feels confusing?

We go to school to learn many different things, but what’s often not taught is how to co-exist with another person in a way where there is mutual respect and a sense of a shared mission.

Before things build up and become irreconcilable, you can use couples therapy as a safe space to help you and your partner navigate through stormy waters.

But the stats are against us, Is there even a point in even trying?

We’ve heard it again and again.

Nearly 50% of North American marriages end in divorce.

American anthropologist Helen Fisher’s research has found that only 18% of couples can say they are in a relationship where they love their partner more and more each day.

So that leaves the other 32% unhappily committed.

Often, this number gets people feeling down about whether there is even hope.

But we believe that this number is only so high because people incorrectly believe that they are meant to be unhappy in a marriage.

We want to encourage folks to want more in life. Because there is hope.

We are couples therapists that are experts in neuroscience, psychology, and holistic well-being.

We have proven cognitive, behavioural, experiential strategies that we use in our own lives to help couples feel deeply seen, held, loved in the way they can receive it deep in their bones.

Getting couples treatment is simply having an expert to serve as a neutral observer in the room, helping you see your blind spots, who will coach and referee you towards clarity, kindness, grace, and re-alignment.

Passion Cannot Be Sustained in An Unskilled Lovers’ Hands.

In the intricate dance of marriage, couples may occasionally lose step, finding it challenging to connect and truly understand each other. The difficulties that arise can cast shadows over what was once a loving partnership, leaving couples to question whether the initial spark that brought them together can ever be rekindled.

Relationship counselling is a research validated method that can help couples rebuild the bridges that may have eroded over time.

Here’s a list of what we help with:

Is your problem so esoteric that you didn’t see it on this list? We get it. It’s hard to put your experiences in a box. Our experienced therapists at An Elegant Mind will be eager to listen to exactly how your heart ailes.

Running For The Hills or Running Into The Sunset?

If you and your partner are already on rocky terms, it's understandable that you may have reservations about seeking couples therapy. Let's address three common fears you might be experiencing:

We Welcome and Embrace Unconventional Relationships in Couples Therapy

Experience expert support at An Elegant Mind, where our couples therapists specialise in addressing common relationship dynamics and navigating diverse relationship experiences. From traditional monogamy to polyamory, we excel in understanding unique relationship dynamics, challenging societal norms, and embracing unconventional structures. We celebrate the diversity of relationships, including those exploring open or polyamorous dynamics and individuals navigating gender transitions.

At AEM, we’re culturally competent couples therapists. Understanding cultural differences in relationships is crucial. While Western couples may see mystery as avoidance, in European culture, it can enhance attraction in dependent relationships. It's essential to recognize that cultural and individual differences play a significant role in relationship dynamics, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach for couples therapy.

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