Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety: The Destruction of The Worry Wart

Are you constantly thinking about the future?

Sort of like a futurist, but in a bad way, because your kind of thinking about the future paralyses you from taking action and progressing in life.

You’ve found this page because you want to be the kind of person that not only wants anxiety counselling to learn how to live fully in the present moment…

But you want to truly address and challenge some of the things you’re anxious and worried about.

We as human beings can get anxious and worried about a multitude of things.

We worry about being loved, becoming successful, maintaining wealth, living up to societal standards, getting sick, losing things, losing people, losing popularity, job security, housing issues, global issues, and environmental disasters.

We worry about everyday small stuff like being late, cleanliness, and everyday social interactions. We worry about big stuff like the unknown and the unknowable, such as death, life and nature of this universe.

Anxiety when unmanaged can lead to diagnoses of Anxiety Disorders.

Anxiety disorders come in many forms, from generalized anxiety disorder (worry about everything) to specific phobias (isolated anxieties like social anxiety, death anxiety, driving or flying), and they can manifest in various ways, including constant worry, sleeplessness, panic attacks, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Left unaddressed, anxiety disorders can lead to the loss of social connections and work opportunities.

Anxiety can debilitate us from living the life we dream of having.

But anxiety is not just things we worry about, they are physiological symptoms in the body that make it hard to take action, and be in flow state.

Physiological symptoms of anxiety can feel like jitteriness, tension, sweating, heart racing, nausea, clamminess, dizziness, dry mouth, indigestion, upset stomach, and muscle tension.

These physiological symptoms are a sign that our body's "fight or flight" response is activated. Our body starts to release stress hormones.

Brief activation of our body’s fight or flight system is not problematic. However, persistent activation can lead to a weakened immune system and result in inflammatory responses, and susceptibility to disease and infection.

You don’t want to ignore your anxiety. Seek relief by talking to us about anxiety counselling. Luckily, we’re anxiety disorder specialists.

Don’t Worry, Some Anxiety is A Good Thing

Existential therapist Rollo May argues in his book “The Meaning of Anxiety,” that the condition of anxiety is an inevitable condition of being a human being on planet earth.

It’s not pathological to have some anxiety. Anxiety played an evolutionary role in helping us survive as a species.

The more our ancestors were responsive to perceived threat, the more likely they were to survive.

Anxiety, in moderation, is a superpower.

It’s when it’s expressed in excess does it cause issues in our lives.

You should be in constant debilitating anxiety. With anxiety counselling, you can learn how to engage thoughts about the future in a manner that doesn’t crumble you, where you address problems with equanimity.

What are the different types of Psychotherapy for Anxiety Treatment?

There are many different types of psychotherapeutic anxiety treatment, ranging from general relaxation strategies that every person should master and have in their daily toolkit such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, to guided imagery to severe anxiety treatment such as Systematic Desensitization, Exposure Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Everyone should know how to apply Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques and learn Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, whether they are suffering from mild to severe anxiety.

Together, we’ll consider all the treatment options for anxiety including doctor prescribed medication, emerging technologies and alternative holistic health techniques.

Whether you're seeking to optimise your brain functioning for high performance, or if just looking to calm your neuroticism, anxiety therapy services are designed to guide you towards a more easeful future.

What does the process of Anxiety Treatment at An Elegant Mind look like?

Our journey begins with understanding your desired outcome. Your life is a unique lens, with unique perspectives. Understanding exactly how and what threatens your state of peace makes the treatment targeted and effective.

We recognize that anxiety may have deep-seated roots in unconsciously adopted personality styles in the home. Typically, this involves understanding your family dynamics growing up and how your personality has been shaped by your family’s behaviours or through genetics.

Anxiety can also stem from trauma, which we all have experienced to some degree or another. These events can be big or small and they often hold the key to understanding your anxiety.

Once we have gotten a lay of the land, we can recommend strategies that can offer immediate relief. We’ll include homework to take home to weave into a routine and daily practice. We might offer strategies to help you start thinking about your life differently.

Is It Time to Get Help or Am I Overthinking?

It's normal to feel a lot of mental resistance when considering anxiety disorder therapy. Let's explore three common objections people have:

I feel like I need my anxiety to be good at what I do, why should I eliminate my anxiety?

You’re right, the person who anticipates threat is someone who is prepared for any disaster. But you need to ask yourself whether it’s worthwhile for you to spend that much time preparing for something that might not happen. What would you be doing with your time instead? Just imagine, you could free up brain space to contemplate about the things that truly matter. Or enjoy the state of not thinking. Do you admire those people who seem to be in flow with life, confidently tackling each problem as it arises? You can achieve this state with Anxiety Therapy. 

Why Seek Anxiety Counselling Services with An Elegant Mind

We have 13 years of experience working with mild to severe anxiety and we understand the bigger picture when it comes to mental health conditions. And we are psychology nerds who are committed to the game of human perfection.

We recognize the importance of weaving ancient teachings with cutting edge treatment options such as Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, and other approved psychedelic therapy options. We’re constantly striving for delivering treatment that’s at the forefront of knowledge.

We’re Here For You

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