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We have opened our offices for in-person sessions on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. In order to mitigate risk of transmission, we suggest the following etiquette for attending in-person sessions.

01. For the safety of wider society, we will be asking pre-screening questions to ensure that you are not exhibiting any symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who may have been sick.

02. If you are feeling unwell or symptomatic, please opt to stay home.

03. If you have the privacy and technology to continue to be seen in your home, please consider doing do.

04. Please only arrive a couple of minutes before your treatment time and please come alone if you do not require support. We want to limit the number of people in the waiting rooms and elevators. The building will be locked from outside, so your counsellor will get you from the doors.

05. Hand sanitizing will be mandatory before and after treatment. It will be available right when you walk into the building, at front desk and in the office.

06. Professional cleaners clean our offices every weeknight. We will be wiping down all contact surfaces in between clients.

07. Please consider having your credit card information saved onto SQUARE so we can have as much touch-less payment processing as possible.

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