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Eroticism as a Window to the Subconscious: Understanding Deep Desires

04 May, 2022
Featured for Eroticism as a Window to the Subconscious: Understanding Deep Desires

Step 1: Think about the last time you had Hot Sex. What was the context? What was the story? How did you meet the other? How did one thing lead into the next? What kept you interested? What was their personality like as you were getting to know each other? What about their personality during the sexual act? Et vous? What about your personality? Before and during the act of becoming sexually intimate?

Step 2: Is it there a pattern to which certain formulas of actions and interactions guarantee a turn-on situation for you? If there appears to be no pattern, just pick one to analyze.

Step 3: Is it possible that through this particular erotic expression that you’re preventing a re-traumatization of the ego self following a past painful or unpleasant experience?

Step 4: Is it possible that you have eroticized a certain attitude towards sex (e.g.: dominance, sluthood, submission, humiliation) that controls the situations so that you don’t experience any hurt or rejection?

Step 5: Is it possible that you have found the attitude that helps you be in the self-sufficient sex god or goddess state of being despite the situation or who you’re with?

Step 6: Is it something else? Be Introspective. Be willing to talk out an idea with your therapist. So you can feel how true it is in your body.

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