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Empowered Partnerships: Women's Leadership in Relationships

01 Dec, 2021
Featured for Empowered Partnerships: Women's Leadership in Relationships

I have found that women are often afraid to take the reigns when they are in relationships with a man. Out of cultural conditioning, they are deferential to the men in their life. They do not take ownership of the fact that they are capable creatures themselves — no less than a man, for we ALL have strengths and weaknesses in different ways.

What does leadership within a relationship look like for women?

Taking pleasure in sex.

Deciding on plans.

Directing the course of action.

Holding space and encouraging male vulnerability.

Saying no.

Holding boundaries.

Saying yes.

Taking ownership.

Being accountable to self and other.

Finding one’s intended path in life.

Taking pleasure in work.

Expressing opinions.

Demonstrating expertise.

What has been your experience? Share with us in the comments.

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