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Deciphering Boundaries: What Constitutes Cheating?

08 Dec, 2021
Featured for Deciphering Boundaries: What Constitutes Cheating?

This may be a valuable conversation to have with your partner!

How do you define cheating?

Is it the element of secrecy?

Perhaps prolonged secrecy?

Is it simply the feeling of being taken by surprise by the actions of your lover?

Or maybe you don’t even want to have this conversation with your partner because you don’t want to impose a set of expectations or rules.

You prefer the mystery and rather deal with problems as they come up, rather than try and predict them.

Maybe it’s the knowledge that there has been an on-going series of deception.

Maybe it needs to have a vindictive or sinister quality to the act. A flavour of wanting to create pain for the unbeknownst party(s) (more rare, but could happen).

Tell us, how do you define cheating?

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