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Nurturing Connection: Effective Ways to Articulate Your Needs in Relationships

22 Apr, 2022
Featured for Nurturing Connection: Effective Ways to Articulate Your Needs in Relationships

No one wants to spend hours sifting through records, only to finally place one down on the turntable and have it be broken. Understanding your needs and boundaries is one thing, but knowing how to express them so your partner can receive and hear them is a whole other mountain to climb.

Getting clear on what your needs and boundaries are is the first step in effectively communicating them to your partner.

Although it may feel awkward at first, sometimes scheduling a time to discuss relational matters can help both partners come into conversation with a more open mindset. Therefore allowing one partner to be better prepared to receive and listen to the other partner’s needs.

Then, allowing your partner time and space to digest your needs can help alleviate the pressure to form a specific outcome. Everyone responds in different ways so it may take your partner longer to evaluate whether they are able to meet your needs while also maintaining integrity for their own autonomy and boundaries.

Once both partners have clearly communicated, another check-in may be helpful to see if your needs are being met and that they still align with the relationship for both partners. Needs and boundaries are constantly changing, so it’s perfectly normal to reevaluate and check-in with your partner.

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