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Beyond Couples: The Universal Benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy

22 Apr, 2022
Featured for Beyond Couples: The Universal Benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy

Developed by Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg, EFT is a method used to help couples who struggle with conflict and poor communication skills. Although typically used in couples therapy, EFT can also benefit individuals and family members to strengthen emotional bonds through understanding and improved communication.

Benefits of EFT:

– Provides a language for healthy dependency between partners and re-organizes emotional responses so that couples can reach secure attachment

– Stronger emotional bonds, through reframing negative communication into viewing the person’s strengths and best efforts in order to create more connection

– Helps people become more aware of their individual and partner's needs, thus being able to listen and discuss problems from a place of empathy instead of a place of defensiveness or anger

Emotionally focused therapy can help eliminate the likelihood of misunderstandings and counter-productive reactions that ultimately threaten relationships. It also provides therapists with a clear step approach to help couples navigate the turbulent waters of being in relationship.

Blog post written by Yasmine Ross, Certified Relationship Coach and Content Writer at An Elegant Mind Counselling in Vancouver

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