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Counselling Intern

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Elyse Eden

Elyse Eden

Counselling Intern


“if you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to rise”
― Rupi Kaur

My approach to therapeutic healing is trauma informed, compassionate,
non-judgmental and collaborative. I believe every single individual is capable of transformation if they are committed to the process of unlearning, feeling and accepting their present moment and situation. No matter where you are on this journey, I hold a safe space that provides unconditional acceptance, humour, empowerment and positive regard, however you identify in this world. By building the therapeutic relationship and discovering more of your history, intergenerational patterns, and presenting issues, we collaborate to safely implement therapeutic techniques that get you closer to a more aligned narrative that is most authentic to you. This process may not be comfortable the entire time, however by guiding you safely through the practices of mindfulness, embodiment, exploratory questions, parts work, there is a sense of clarity and inner knowing that can be found within these most quietest and present moments with yourself.

I use a client-centred therapy approach, which means I trust my clients to bring up topics of concern with me. However, I will be there to guide you through aligned techniques, goal-setting and psychoeducation so you can leave therapy with a self-reliant therapeutic tool box for the future. Since I am a student counsellor who is on a continuous learning journey, I will be working with the Clinical Supervisor to learn how to best serve you through evidence-based therapeutic treatments. I welcome all walks of life to my therapy space and leave my assumptions and biases outside of the door, so you can show up as your authentic self at all times.

I am currently pursuing my Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) at Yorkville University, where I continue to expand my worldview, counselling theory, skills and competencies with varied populations. Once I complete my clinical and supervision hours through this internship, I will be a registered clinical counsellor with the BCACC.

Previous to the MACP graduate program, I attained a Bachelor's Degree in Design & Communication from Toronto Metropolitan University, where I completed a thesis that qualitatively researched the negative impact of sexual- objectification in young female populations in the Toronto area.

  • Indigenous Canada Certificate (University of Alberta)
  • Living Works Suicide Prevention Certificate (Crisis Centre BC)
  • LGBTQ2IA+ Safe Zone Training (Safe Zone Project)
  • Mindfulness, breath work and somatics
  • ADHD & Learning disabilities
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Childhood and adult trauma
  • Narcissistic abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Dysfunctional family systems
  • Attachment styles in relationships
  • Codependency in relationships
  • Time management
  • Life transitions

Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, BC, I grew up surrounded by the majestic mountains, towering trees, and the calming embrace of the pacific ocean. I am a feminist, deep thinker, truth seeker, cycle breaker and intuitive spirit who is continuously unlearning the harmful, oppressive belief systems that have been projected onto me as a young woman. As the youngest in my family with two older brothers who were academically gifted, I often felt inferior compared to others. This could have been due to my early diagnosis of a learning disability (which was later diagnosed as ADHD in my adulthood) or the continuous self-doubting and critical thoughts that I may have adopted from previous generations.

However, my life took a transformative turn when I began therapy, where I could safely uncover and release limiting beliefs and narratives that were never mine to begin with. Through participating in community, astrology, tarot, dance, and inner-child play I have found my path of least resistance, which has been committed to showing up as my authentic self in all areas of my life. If I am not exploring the wonders of nature or finding solace in the stars, I am soaking up what life has to offer with gratitude and

Elyse offers a sliding scale.

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- Individual Counselling
- Couples Counselling

Age Group: Adolescents, Adults, Mature Adults

Elyse is available in-person on Fridays and Saturdays and online Tuesday, Fridays, Saturdays.

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